We provide FREE quotations after our Professional team has consulted with our client. Upon visiting the site, the need is established and a survey is done. The project commences with a drawing (sketch) of the proposed structure on file, as well as a contract of agreement. Our trained workers then labour uninterrupted to achieve perfection. Liaison with the client is done continuously until the project is completed and signed off by our Team Leader.

EchoSHADE gives an end to end service with regard to site visitation, professional advice, work plan and consultation.

Our material include :

An unlimited range of agricultural netting is available, ranging from 3% to 95% shade, in various colours. This means that our clients can both choose the degree of shade protection, and fully customise the look of shade cloth preferred. Infinite options are available, with inclusion of anti virus, hail nets and more.

Creo H4V / CCA H4V
Various lengths, depending on the structure that is constructed.

175/200 stumps ANCHORS R16 X 2.2M GALV

6mm / 10mm / 10mm Double wrap / 10mm v-line / 6mm Double wrap.

Why Choose Us


EchoSHADE- We are a nethouse construction company, constructing agricultural shade net housing. Echoshade structures are built to face harsh elements, i.e hail, solar damage, wind scarring, cross pollination and severe droughts by causing higher water retention. Our structures are completed within a set time frame and we pride ourselves in always satisfying our clients demand for reaching deadlines


Echoshade was birthed after the owner, Wynand van Staden, has gained 13 years training and experience in overhead construction at Telkom SA.


All our material are SABS approved; our shade nets supplier provides a 8 year guarantee on their product. At Echoshade, quality is paramount and our workmanship is guaranteed. The owner himself is intensely involved in every project. All the more reason to get EchoSHADE to build your nethouse!