About Us

EchoSHADE is proudly South African, specialising in Nethouse construction and related services. Our founder, Wynand van Staden, finished his apprenticeship on Outdoor Construction (Liglyn Konstruksie) at Telkom SA in 1992. Echoshade Net Construction is born from 13 years of experience in Overhead Construction. All our projects are overseen by himself.

This experience, along with building a winning recipe, brought about the concept we use to set up a solid structure for farmers and companies alike.

What Makes Echoshade unique?

What makes Echoshade unique is that we pride ourselves in ALWAYS finishing our projects within the deadline set prior to commencing – mainly due to the fact that Wynand himself oversees the work and regulates it with a stern hand. Our customers remain friends long after we signed off on our site!

In quoting, we provide our customers with the best price for the best expertise in this trade, always bearing in mind the challenges our farmers face today. Our success is based on our transparency and loyalty to our fellow man. In our pursuit for customer satisfaction, we provide the best possible price, without undermining the quality of our products and workmanship.

Our future goal is to sustain relationships that evolved from our work, thereby creating billboards of our work throughout South Africa. For us, it is not merely constructing a nethouse structure, but establishing an entity where friendship is paramount. For this purpose, we are proud to list customers who can testify to this quality of Echoshade Net Construction.

Wynand van Staden

When asking Wynand what differentiates Echoshade from its competitors, his answer is “Being a farmer myself, I am of the opinion that farmers in the citrus, berries, grapes, kiwi or whatever valuable cultivar you have in soil, have pondered on the thought of constructing a nethouse. For some it is all about protecting their asset against solar - and wind scarring or cross pollination and for some it’s all about creating a friendlier micro climate for amplified growth while others appreciate the benefit of reduction in water demand due to heightened moisture retension – all of which the end result is having increased yields and product quality. This is where my expertise comes in handy!”

Wynand van Staden
Owner of Echoshade